November 11, 2020

Sexcetera is an American television series airing on Playboy TV.

Sex Cetera on Playboy Tv The show featured four to five reports per one-hour episode. Filmed throughout the world, but primarily in the United States, the reports generally covered sexual fetishes, adult entertainment expos and gatherings, current erotic trends, sex toys, porn celebrities and tips for couples. Correspondents presented their stories in a humorous style, female correspondents often appeared in the nude. As befitting its subject matter, the series is sexually explicit, with unsimulated sexual activity shown from time to time, with increasing explicitness as the series went on. Formatted as a newsmagazine, the program focused on human sexuality. Sexcetera is repeated from time to time on Real Lives and Pick in the United Kingdom, RTL 7 in the Netherlands, TV5 in Finland and AXN in Italy.

Check out the trailer below.

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