November 8, 2020

Joy Draiki is all about being present and adventurous.

Coming to Playboy Plus from Bussum, Netherlands, this gorgeous European model will leave you in awe, over and over again with her long, wavy brown hair, bright green eyes, and gorgeous all-natural figure. “I’m a free-spirit,” she tells us first, “my whole life is an adventure!” With a love for creating art, Joy knew she just had to pursue modeling. Make sure to check out her pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!

“I’ve been nude modeling for several years now,” she begins. “Before this, I studied psychology and worked in marketing, but it wasn’t my calling. I still don’t know what my calling is, but life is short! So I decided to live it to the fullest by modeling full-time!” Since she began, Joy has loved every minute of it. “My passion is being creative in any way possible,” she shares. “I’m an artistic girl who takes great joy in making art and being a part of the process of some else’s art,” she adds. Totally thrilled to be featured on Playboy Plus, Joy can’t help but beam. “When I was scouted, I was so surprised and happy," she says. “I love the way Playboy works in wanting to portray genuine, confident, and joyful women just having a good time.” When she’s not posing for us or modeling around the world, you can usually find Joy exploring outdoors or staying active however she can. Keep up with her, right here only on Playboy Plus!

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